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Monster or Creature? Three Scholars Broaden the Discussion @ Sept 18 Monster Panel @SJSU

frankenstein patchwork
Artwork by Jordan Provancher, 4th year BA Design Studies major. See more of her work: https://www.jordanprovancher.com/

On September 18, Dean Shannon Miller kicked off our Fall celebration of the 200 year publication for FRANKENSTEIN! Mary Shelley’s iconic novel, published in 1818, began as a ghost story crafted on a dare and became one of the most popular novels of all time. At this panel, Dr. Mary A. Papazian, President of San José State University, Dr. Anand Vaidya, and Dr. Adrienne Eastwood launched into some intriguing philosophical, queer, and classical thoughts about the monster/creature, Victor Frankenstein, science, and the role of women. With moderator, Jonathan Gill’s expert questions, the discussion moved into questions of ownership, fear, justice, consciousness, artificial intelligence, and 21st-century technological inventions. If you missed the event, check out the Spartan Daily article (September 20, 2018) “Panel Brings Frankenstein Alive,ExpressionsFrankenstein@200: The Celebration Continues,” and the archival video of the event:

Dr. Mary A. Papazian –  “Creating a Monster with Paradise Lost

Dr. Anand Vaidya – “What’s In Your Head?—the Moral Zombie”

Dr. Adrienne Eastwood – “Queering the Monster”

About Frankenstein@200 Series

Published in 1818, Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein has remained an important tool in exploring what occurs when science and technology are pushed to the limits. Several events have been planned for Fall 2018 to continue to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this timely and revolutionary story. To find out more about the events that will be featured, visit the Frankenstein@200 Series page on www.hammertheatre.com. To stay in the loop about all things Frankenstein, follow these social media accounts:

Frankenstein@200 WordPress

Frankenstein@200 Instagram

Frankenstein@200 Twitter

This event is sponsored by an SJSU Artistic Excellence Programming Grant.


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