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May 2018

Event Archive: A wildly successful day of discussions and poster demonstrations! See the event archive of images, twitter feed, posters, poster winners, and panelists’ position papers.


“Deep Humanities,” One-Day Symposium, Organized by Dr. Revathi Krishnaswamy & Dr. Katherine D. Harris, Department of English and Comparative Literature, San Jose State University

May 1, 2018, 10-4pm, Room 225, King Library, San Jose State University — More Information on panelists, student posters & getting to SJSU

10-12pm, Panel 1 moderated by Dr. Revathi Krishnaswamy
12-2pm Student Poster SessionFord ad
2-4pm, Panel 2 moderated by Dr. Katherine D. Harris

katherine harris imageLunchtime Lecture: Gothic Monsters and Evil Houses,” Dr. Katherine D. Harris, Department of English and Comparative Literature, San Jose State University

Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 12–1 PM
San Jose Museum of Art, Charlotte Wendel Education Center – Free with Museum admission
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As in many of the works in the exhibition The House Imaginary, the house is a central motif in Gothic novels. It is often a place with memories and secrets rather than a safe haven. Katherine D. Harris will trace this theme from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), which introduced a dangerous and soulless monster into the genre’s decrepit and decaying castles, on through twentieth-century novels such as Stephen King’s The Shining or Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves, in which evil exists not within the individual but instead within a seemingly benign space that ultimately amplifies its inhabitants’ propensity toward evil. Lunchtime Lectures take place on the first Wednesday of each month in the Charlotte Wendel Education Center. Visitors are welcome to bring food and beverages.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

San Jose Museum of Art, Tour the exhibition The House Imaginary with Lauren Schell Dickens, curator.

What the Future Holds: In Conversation with Walter Mosley

MAY 15, 2018 – 7:00PM TO 8:30PM
Location: Stanford University, Cemex Auditorium (Tentative)
Admission: Free


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Homes are central characters in this double feature of horror films offered in connection with the exhibition The House Imaginary.

CHM Live | Inside the Transformation

A Conversation with Atul Butte, Director of the UCSF Institute for Computational Health Sciences
Biotechnology expert Atul Butte joins us to discuss how the application of genomics, AI, big data, and other technologies could transform healthcare.

11th Annual CISL Symposium
Keynote: David Gaba MD: Health Care Simulation – What is a Monster?
Workshop: Creating Monsters

Wednesday April 18, 2018
8:15 am – 2:00 pm, Stanford University

LKSC Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning

Free, RSVP cisl.stanford.edu

San Jose Museum of Art,
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
6 – 9 PM
Free to members

Wednesday, April 18th at the MAH and Nickelodeon

Cabrillo event

2018 marks the 200th publication anniversary of Frankenstein, the most widely-taught novel in American colleges and universities due to its complex, timeless and interdisciplinary approach to essential questions such as: How does technology define us? What does it mean to be human? How do women resist marginalization? What can we learn from the outcast?

The flash lectures will cover Shelley’s composition process, the creative and political philosophies of the Romantics, the influence of science and technology in the novel and our own times and even commentary from a Cabrillo anatomy professor.  The film presentation of the National Theatre production of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature is amazing and we are very fortunate as a community that the Nickelodeon has made this viewing possible. There is a bit of something for everyone.  (The NT screening at the Nick is $15.00).

An Evening with Rebecca Skloot and members of Henrietta Lacks Family

April 19, 2018 @ 7:30 – 9:30 pm
CEMEX Auditorium, Stanford University

Tickets and information available at storytelling.stanford.edu after January 8. 

The 2018 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference will be held at Stanford University from April 20-22, 2018.

A celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein through an
exploration of medically-based ethical dilemmas and an examination of the
relevance of Frankenstein in moral imagination today.

Registration Required

San Jose Museum of Art,
Friday, April 20, 2018Sunday, August 19, 2018

In The House Imaginary, the house is a lens through which artists explore memory, identity, and belonging in an increasingly itinerant world. The house can be a lightning rod in which social policies around immigration, homelessness, urban planning, race, and gender intersect with personal histories and fictions. After the horrors of World War II, theorist Theodor Adorno famously declared, “dwelling, in the proper sense, is now impossible…. The house is past.” He was claiming that personal security can no longer be considered apart from the systemic oppressions and omissions necessary to retain that security. This recognition is achingly urgent today in an era of global migrations, heightened awareness of inequalities, and San José’s own housing crisis.

(See Katherine D. Harris’ Lunchtime Lecture, “Gothic Monsters and Evil Houses,” on May 2, 2018)

Frankenstein @ 200 Film Series – National Theatre Live’s Frankenstein
Directed by Danny Boyle, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller
Saturday April 21, 2018 @ 8 pm
Stanford School of Medicine Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center LKSC 120

This event is free and open to the public. 

April 19, 2018 – Romantic Circles Pedagogies Spring Reading Group will discuss Mary Shelley’s “The Mortal Immortal” on Thursday, April 19th at 4pm ET via Zoom.

RSVP here https://goo.gl/forms/FY35S1kW86mrH6Wk1. You can find an excellent online edition of the work here. We hope you will join us. Many can attest that our first meeting was lively, great fun, and participants learned a lot from each other. Encore!


April 20, 2018 – Frankenstein Student Film Festival – open to SJSU Students & Faculty – SJSU Student Union, Room 1A (Campus Map) Doors open at 5:30pm – Curtain Talk/Introduction starts at 6pm

Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” 

frankenweenie poster

April 12, 2018 – Frankenstein Student Film Festivalopen to SJSU Students & Faculty – SJSU Student Union, Room 1A (Campus Map) Doors open at 5pm – Curtain Talk/Introduction starts at 5:30pm

frank chronicle posterTwo episodes of the 2015 Netflix series “Frankenstein Chronicles” (2015)




April 5, Horst D. Simon, Ph.D., Deputy Laboratory Director for Research and Chief Research Officer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,  Silicon Valley Leadership SymposiumThursday, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Engineering building auditorium, ENG 189, San Jose State University

“Berkeley Lab is a member of the national laboratory system supported by the U.S. Department of Energy through its Office of Science. It is managed by the University of California (UC) and is charged with conducting unclassified research across a wide range of scientific disciplines.”  The lab is a large source of revenue and for jobs in the Bay Area.  It has a distinguished reputation with several nobel prizes and staff, many of which, are members of high profile scientific communities.

“Horst Simon is an internationally recognized expert in computer science and applied mathematics and the Deputy Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).” Upon joining, he was instrumental as a leader in important “research in fields ranging from global climate modeling to astrophysics.” He is also an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley where he focuses on “ways to bring the Lab and the campus closer together, developing a designated graduate emphasis in computational science and engineering.” His research focus is “in the development of sparse matrix algorithms, algorithms for large-scale eigenvalue problems, and domain decomposition algorithms for unstructured domains for parallel processing.” (http://www.lbl.gov/about/)

April 12, Jay Fulcher, Chairman and CEO, Zenefits,  Silicon Valley Leadership SymposiumThursday, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Engineering building auditorium, ENG 189, San Jose State University

It is a platform for HR solutions.  It brands itself as fully comprehensive of all needs, while also being customizable to the needs of the individual business. The “About Us” page discusses commitment to clients “Empathy over ego,” “Operate with integrity,” and “Innovation for the greater good” are several short, direct sentences that speak to the company’s values.  Fulcher “is a member of the Global Leadership Council at the Lucas Graduate School and College of Business at San Jose State University.”   His experience has been in “both private and public technology companies” for more than twenty years.

April 6, 2018 – Frankenstein Student Film Festivalopen to SJSU Students & Faculty

movie poster young frankenstein

ChappieDouble Feature: “Young Frankenstein” (1974) andChappie” (2015), SJSU Student Union – Student Theater (Campus Map) Doors open at 5pm – Curtain Talk/Introduction starts at 5:30pm




April 10, 2018, 3-4:15pm – Ethics Debate of the concept of creature vs. monster organized by SJSU English 10 Students, Clark Hall, Room 111 – open to the public

Have you read the latest kerfuffle over on Reddit and Twitter criticizing students who emphathize with the creature (even though it murders several people to enact revenge upon Victor Frankenstein)? “Snowflake students claim Frankenstein’s monster was ‘misunderstood.'” Come help us debate this dilemma — is it a “creature” or a “monster”? 

April 5, 2018, 3-4:15pm  – Trial of Victor Frankenstein or Creature organized by SJSU English 10 Students, Clark Hall, Room 111 – open to the public

Who is responsible for all of the murders in this novel? Is it Victor Frankenstein who created this creature but neglected his duties as its creator? or is it the creature who ostensibly murdered his way through the novel in order to enact revenge on his creator? Come participate as the jury as the prosecutor and defense teams argue about the qualifications of madness and either defendant’s mental competence to stand trial (according to early 19th-century standards of madness


Life/Art/Science/Technology (LAST) Festival

March 23 – 24, 2018
Location: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

The L.A.S.T. festival is an interdisciplinary event that combines art, tech and science to help reshape the cultural environment of the 21st century towards a multidimensional form of individual and social creativity. 

presumption casetMarch 15, 2018, 3-4:15pm – Stage Reading of an excerpt from Presumption (1823) organized by SJSU English 10 Students, Clark Hall, Room 111 –  Video Available (created & edited by Sierra Fatlowitz)

Presumption is the play that revised the novel to have an “It’s Alive!” scene and inserted the lab assistant character, Igor! Stop by to watch the scene reading and talk about the start of this novel’s cultural legacy for the last 200 years. For a taste of a professionally-acted scene from the play, check out Doll Piccotto’s 2011 sceneImage from NYPL Exhibit “Frankenstein: The Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle

Frankenstein @ 200 Film Series – Lo And Behold

Documentary Film Screening with Panel Discussion
Thursday, March 8, 2018 @ 7 pm
Stanford School of Medicine Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center LKSC 120

This event is free and open to the public. 

Frankenstein Marathon Reading at The Cathedral of Saint Mary, sponsored by Books, Inc.

Saturday, March 10, 2018 – 11:00am-5pm

Event address:
Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption – Parish Hall
1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA
Space is limited. To sign up as a reader, please contact Jolie Velazquez at joliearabella@gmail.com. You may reserve a chapter, or part of a chapter to read in advance.

February 21, 7pm, SJSU IR4 “Energy Requirements and Challenges for IoT Autonomous Intelligence at the Edge

SJSU’s Diaz Compean Student Union Theater – Register here

San Jose State Invites you to a panel discussion. Join Jim Hogan, SJSU alum and semiconductor leader, in moderating the discussion on energy requirements and challenges in technology. (Read Guadalupe Rodriguez’s Review)

SF Ballet frankenstein image
Vitor Luiz in Scarlett’s Frankenstein. (© Erik Tomasson)

“Frankenstein at the Ballet: Mary Shelley and Her ‘Hideous Progeny,'” Professor Ellen Peel, Department of Comparative and World Literature and the Department of English, San Francisco State University,

February 28, 2018, 2-4pm, Student Union, Meeting Room 4B, San Jose State University (Poster pdf) — More Information on the talk ; read the Dean’s opening remarks; see the digital footprint (Twitter, Instagram, lecture video)