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What is Deep Humanities?

While our Frankenstein Bicentennial celebrations have concluded. The events and collaborations sparked an entirely new line of inquiry. We'll keep this website public but have only this final update to bring you: In Spring 2018, San Jose State University successfully initiated a conversation around this idea of "Deep Humanities" sparked by the Frankenstein Bicentennial celebratory… Continue reading What is Deep Humanities?

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Tobias Rees and Humanity’s Art

Last night, Tobias Rees intrigued all of us (both in-person and live-streamed) with his talk about "The Human after `The Human'" -- but he wasn't referring to "post-humanism." In fact, the question and answer period allowed him to expand upon the 21st century representations of "The Human" after he regaled the audience with theories about… Continue reading Tobias Rees and Humanity’s Art

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Margaret O’Mara on Silicon Politics

On November 7, Margaret O'Mara regaled a local Silicon Valley audience with a discussion about Silicon Politics. We captured the intriguing evening on video complete with Dean Shannon Miller's opening remarks and the ensuing Q&A. Bio Margaret O’Mara is Professor of History at the University of Washington. Her books include Cities of Knowledge (Princeton, 2005), Pivotal Tuesdays (Penn Press,… Continue reading Margaret O’Mara on Silicon Politics

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Frankenreads Monster Read-a-thon at SCU, with Photo Gallery

Dr. Kirstyn Leuner recaps a successful #frankenreads day on October 31, 2018 at Santa Clara University!

Kirstyn Leuner, Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University

a student reader during SCU’s Frankenreads

From College Notes 11-16-18:

“Kirstyn Leuner (English) organized a marathon reading of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein on Halloween to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the novel, published in 1818. A mix of students, faculty, staff, and community members read 15-minute increments of the novel from a podium staged just outside of University Library, in front of a spooky forest backdrop and other themed decorations. The event lasted from 8am until 5pm, with Michelle Burnham’s (English) CTW class and Matt Gomes (English) uttering the creature’s final words. The Department of English, University Library, the Center for Arts and Humanities and the English Club generously sponsored the event. SCU’s event was one of 587 similar “Frankenreads” events held at universities, public libraries, schools, and museums in 47 countries, all coordinated by the Keats-Shelley Association of America. Locally, Kirstyn teamed up with Katherine D. Harris (SJSU) and…

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Frankenstein, the Modern Human Condition, & FrankenFest @ USF: An Interview with Dr. Omar Miranda

"[Frankenstein] speaks about modern man and the disenfranchised populations in its very own time. This is a novel being written in the wake of the French Revolution when thousands died for ideals for human equality, liberty, and fraternity. This is a time in which the world was experiencing war across several countries. This was a… Continue reading Frankenstein, the Modern Human Condition, & FrankenFest @ USF: An Interview with Dr. Omar Miranda