Collaborative Special Collections & Rare Books Exhibits

A collaboration among all of the regional partners and their special collections and rare book libraries resulted in both in-person, physical exhibits on each campus as well as digital, online versions. We are also part of the international Frankenreads efforts — along with 525 digital and physical exhibits celebrating this Frankenstein Bicentennial.

Click below to view each digital exhibit by our regional partners

frankenstein_posters_f-2-page-001On the Bicentenary of Frankenstein: Mary Shelley and Her Contemporaries @ University of San Francisco (Dr. Omar F. Miranda)


Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.53.43 AM

Frankenstein Exhibit 200th Anniversary @ Santa Clara University (Dr. Kirstyn Leuner)



 200 Years of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein @ San Jose State University (Jonathan Gill & Dr. Katherine D. Harris)

Frankenstein Bicentennial Special Collections & Rare Book Exhibits with SJSU, University of San Francisco , Santa Clara University supported by

romantic bicentennials

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