Teaching Resources

frankenreads College Syllabi offers a great variety

The Novel

Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus (1818), Romantic Circles: Authoritative online edition with ancillary materials

Various Print & Digital Editions, including Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds

A Synopsis and Dramatic Reading of Frankenstein (New York Public Library)

Plot Summary of 1818 edition

Characters of 1818 edition

Frankenstein in Popular Culture (as of 2009)

Frankenstein in Culture (from Frankenreads; as of 2018)

Biography of author, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Shelley-Godwin Archive with original handwritten manuscript pages of drafts of Frankenstein (!)

Introductory Video Mini-Lectures by Katherine D. Harris

Introduction to Gothic Literature

Frankenstein Mini-Lecture 1 (Introduction to Novel)

Frankenstein Mini-Lecture 2 (Volume I)

Frankenstein Mini-Lecture 3 (Volumes I-II)

Pedagogical Materials

A Frankenstein Atlas, ed. Jason M. Kelly,  Inspired by research and theoretical approaches in literary mapping and historical geography, A Frankenstein Atlas provides scholars and students with a platform to study and experiment with Shelley’s text.

Lesson Plans & College Syllabi @ Frankenreads

Frankenstein Bicentennial general education course syllabus (by Katherine D. Harris

Tweeting as a Character from Frankenstein (assignment prompt by Katherine D. Harris)

Student Poster Session Instructions (Topics, Poster Design, Templates, Presentation) by Katherine D. Harris (pdf or Word document)

Presentation Grading Rubric (pdf)

Teamwork Collaboration Rubric (pdf) – for those posters that are created by a team

See also Frankenreads List of K-12 & College Syllabi, multimedia materials, lesson plans, and more

New York Times on “Teaching Frankenstein“: Possible topics for research posters

Gamifying the Novel

OKBOS  – Frankenstein as an anagram reading game on mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Frankenstein, A Game

About the Novel

Frankenstein: Defining the Monster” (Heather Keenleyside lecture, Chicago Humanities Festival 2013)

Which One is the Monster?” (Nick Dear Lecture, Washington University, Dec 8, 2017)

Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature Online Exhibit” (History of Medicine, US National Library of Medicine)

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – in Charts” (The Guardian, Jan 13, 2018)

The Monster Reads Milton’s Paradise Lost” (Wm. Moeck, NYPL)

Man as God: Frankenstein Turns 200” (Marcelo Gleiser, NPR Jan 10, 2018)

Frankenstein at 200 and why Mary Shelley was far more than the sum of her monster’s parts” (The Conversation, Jan 23, 2018)

The Strange and Twisted Life of ‘Frankenstein‘” (The New Yorker, Feb 12 & 19, 2018)

Out of Control” (Richard Holmes, The New York Review of Books, Dec 21, 2017)

The Long Shadow of Frankenstein” (Kai Kupferschmidt, Science Magazine, Jan 12, 2018)

The Age of Frankenstein, a series of podcasts from Napier University

Science & Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s Impact on Science with Audrey Shafer” (Stanford Radio podcast)

How Real Life Science Inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (Mental Floss)


Frankenstein, or the beauty and terror of science” (Henk van den Belt, Jan 9, 2017)

Frankenstein’s Moon” (Donald Olsen, et al, NYPL) – astronomers re-create the sky in 1816

Frankenstein and Extinction,” Science News

Climate Change & Frankenstein

See Frankenstein through the Lens of Climate Change” (PRI, Aug 9, 2016)

Climate Change: The Monster of Our Own Making” (WSU, Oct 16, 2017)

Frankenstein, the Baroness, and the Climate Refugees of 1816” (Public Domain Review)

Robots & Artificial Intelligence

News of the Post Human (maintained by Stanford Medicine; includes articles, podcasts, etc.)

Robots and the Automation of Everyday Life – The Week in Robots (Audrey Waters)

The Race to Build the World’s First Sex Robot” (Jenny Kleeman, The Guardian, April 27, 2017)

Is Silicon Valley Making its own Monsters” (Science Friday, NPR — ongoing book club)

More on Frankenstein in Culture

See Frankenreads list of films, more games, political cartoons, comics/graphic novels, and theater

See our Frankenstein in the News page


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